Claire Marshall received a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry in 2007, and a Masters in Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition in 2010, all from the University of Pittsburgh.  She is a Registered Dietitian and a member of the American Dietetic Association. Before becoming a health coach, Claire worked with a grocery chain in recipe development, sensory testing, and nutrient analysis. She contributes to Edible Allegheny and Northern Connection magazines, and is passionate about food, weight management, and trends in nutrition.

Go-to breakfast:

Oatmeal – made on the stove top, baked in the oven, or chilled in the fridge overnight (in the summer).

Favorite stress reliever:
Exercise! Even if it’s just walking my dog, I have to move when I’m stressed.

Favorite food indulgence:
Homemade cinnamon rolls – the time, effort, and calories are worth it once or twice a year!

Favorite music to exercise to:
Depends on the workout, but for running, anything by Rhianna or Fall Out Boy.

Most surprising talent:
Knowing more about baseball (especially about the Pittsburgh Pirates) than most guys.

Daily inspiration:
Remembering my favorite quote: “Each day is a gift,” and being grateful for what I have.

Biggest challenge:
Trying to accomplish too many things in one day.

Favorite workout:
Spinning or hot yoga

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would play you?
Kate Hudson

Who is your favorite celebrity chef?
Alton Brown – I love how he explains the food science behind the ingredients and techniques he uses in his recipes.

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