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Fitness gift ideas for women

Holiday Fitness Gift Ideas | UPMC Health Plan

Have you been looking for gifts for that active woman in your life? Fitness-related gifts can be a great idea this holiday season to help someone keep a good thing going — or even for the person looking to get started. Check out this list for some great gift ideas that can fit into any budget.

Under $25

Best Fitness Gifts | UPMC Health Plan

Water bottle – A good water bottle can come in handy during any workout or even help promote drinking more water throughout the day. A great stocking stuffer idea.

$25 – $50

Best Fitness Gifts for Women | UPMC Health Plan

Yoga mat – A quality yoga mat can make a big difference when practicing yoga or Pilates. Many great styles and brands fall into this price category and make a great gift for the yogi in your life.

$50 – $75

Best Fitness Gifts for Women | UPMC Health Plan

Workout clothing – Within this price range you can purchase different top-of-the-line winter workout clothes. Try long sleeve zip-ups, or you can mix and match to create a stylish outfit.

$75 – $100

Best Fitness Gifts for Women | UPMC Health Plan

Kettlebell set – Kettlebells make for great workout equipment that can be used at home, especially during the cold winter months. You can find a set of different weights in this price range. Not sure how to use a kettlebell. Learn proper technique from Coach Mandy.

$100 and up

Best Fitness Gifts for Women | UPMC Health Plan

Fitness trackers – At this price range, you can find many cool gadgets that can help keep track of your fitness levels throughout the day. Most of the gadgets will have a smartphone app that allows you to check your progress anytime you have your phone with you. Check out some top brands such as Jawbone and Fitbit.


Check here for gifts in all price ranges perfect for the active man in your life.