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How to stay active on your college campus

How to stay active on your college campus

We all have busy schedules, and college students are no exception. Many students balance classwork, internships, research, jobs, and a social life. It can be really easy to find reasons exercise doesn’t fit into the day. But the benefits of physical activity heavily outweigh any reason for skipping it.

Students who stay active are more productive, have more energy, sleep better, and pay attention in class. Try these four activities this semester to fit fitness into your busy day.

1. Walk.



Walk as much as you can every single day! Whether you live on campus or commute, chances are that your daily class schedule will include lots of walking. Walking is one of the easiest and cheapest forms of physical activity. Consider using an app on your phone to track your steps and set new goals to increase your walking over the semester.

2. Join an intramural or recreational league.



Most colleges and universities have seasonal intramural or rec leagues that students can join. It’s not only a great way to be active, but you can meet new people at the same time. Being on a team or a part of a league can also help hold you accountable to exercise. Try new sports like volleyball, dodge ball, volleyball, softball, tennis, rugby, ultimate Frisbee, golf, and more!

3. Try a group fitness class.



Most colleges and universities offer a free rec center for students. The great part about that: student rec centers are likely to offer a ton of group fitness classes. Group fitness classes can be a great place for new and experienced exercisers alike. Choose a class that interests you for an opportunity to try new activities as well as squeeze in a workout on a busy schedule.

4. Keep exercise videos handy.



These are convenient — and you are able to choose your own adventure. You can pick a video that targets the type of exercise you want and the time you have to spend.

The trick to sticking with a physical activity routine is to find something you enjoy that doesn’t feel like work. For many students, trying several types of exercise can provide the variety needed to keep it fun and interesting.

What are your plans to stay active as you head back to campus this year? Share in the comments below!