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Top 4 Ways to Stay Healthy with UPMC Health Plan

Good health isn’t a goal you achieve so you can then rest on your laurels. It’s a lifelong journey that requires smart decisions, good habits, and lots of determination. To help our members choose the right paths along the way, UPMC Health Plan offers several tools and resources that will keep you striving for good health.


  1. UPMC Health Plan mobile app. This free app (available for both iOS and Android devices) lets you access your health information instantly on your smartphone. You can use our mobile app to:
  • Access digital member ID cards for you and your family.
  • Contact Member Services through secure messaging and live chat.
  • View your claims information and medical history.
  • Call your doctor, pharmacist, or the UPMC MyHealth 24/7 Nurse Line instantly.
  • See your prescriptions in the Pharmacy Center.
  • Search for in-network providers and locations.


  1. MyHealth OnLine. Our secure member website gives you access to information, materials, and resources personalized for your needs. You can search for providers and sign up for pharmacy deliveries to your home. You can also complete activities to reduce your yearly deductible, browse a library of health and wellness information, and take advantage of tools and expert advice that can help you balance your life. 


  1. Cost Estimator: You’ve probably heard that the cost of medical procedures can vary a lot from region to region. We offer members a cost estimator , that calculates the approximate price of most medical procedures at your preferred location. Our members can use our cost estimator tool to compare providers in their network or see how the costs of treatments varies from facility to facility. The estimator can predict members’ out-of-pocket costs so they can develop a plan for quality care that’s within their budget.


  1. Odyssey by UPMC: One route to better health is adopting a healthier lifestyle. Our Odyssey app (available on iOS and Android) offers information dealing with stress management, weight loss, physical activity, nutrition, and smoking cessation in a light, interactive, and user-friendly way. Odyssey guides you through your wellness journey through engaging activities you can use again and again. Interactive health coach characters offer tips and advice to help you create achievable goals. Plus, a daily check-in feature helps you track your progress over time.  


These five tools are available for all UPMC Health Plan members, and each one can help you can help you navigate your course toward better health!