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5 ways to beat stress


Beating Stress

We all experience some stress — whether it’s at work, school, or in our personal lives. Some stress can be considered positive stress and motivate us to become better. This type of stress is often acute stress, or stress that only occurs for a short period of time. Chronic stress (stress that occurs often and lasts for a longer period of time) can be considered negative stress and can have harmful health effects. Knowing how to cope with and handle stress can make a big difference. Here are some positive coping techniques to beat stress that can have health benefits:

  1. Physical activity

    Physical activity is a great stress reliever that helps your body as well as your mind. This can be as simple as getting up out of your chair and going for a 10-minute walk. Physical activity helps clear cortisol, a stress hormone, out of your body. And of course, it gives you all the known health benefits of exercise, like lowering your risk for certain diseases and helping with weight control.

  2. Deep breathing

    Deep breathing is a quick coping technique you can use anytime, anywhere. Whether you are stuck in traffic or sitting at your desk, deep breathing can help relieve stress. Concentrate on filling your belly up like a balloon instead of breathing from the chest. 

  3. Humor

    Humor can bring out a smile in stressful situations. Whether it is a good joke or a funny video, humor can rapidly calm your mind during a stressful event. It’s true — laughter is medicine.

  4. Meditation

    Meditation is a practice that helps to relax the body and clear the mind. Meditation can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure as well as promote deep breathing.

  5. Good sleep habits

    Good sleep habits are essential not only for your body but also for your mind. Getting the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep each night can greatly improve your overall mood. Create a regular routine before going to bed that involves relaxation and keeps you away from light-emitting devices (such as your phone and laptop).

Practice is important for any stress management technique. Not every technique will work for every person, so it is important to try as many options as you can and find the right ones for you!