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7 Ways to Spring Clean your Fitness Routine


Spring is here! A perfect time to freshen up your home and mindset as well as your habits. Here are a few tips on how to spring clean your fitness routine.

1. Quick workouts

Jump back into your fitness program by utilizing quick workout routines that last from 10 to 20 minutes. Incorporate body weight exercises or utilize workout equipment such as small hand weights or a jump rope. Another great way to start fitting in exercise during your day is to take advantage of the time you spend watching TV and incorporating workouts into commercial breaks.

2. Races

Whether you are gearing up for a marathon, just starting to run for the first time, or breaking out of your hibernation, signing up for and participating in races can be a big motivation to help keep your fitness goals front and center!

3. Trails

Getting outside and being active is great for both your mind and body. After spending many hours inside during the winter months, try getting outside and exploring nature. Check out this post on Pittsburgh area parks and trails to hit this spring.

4. Bike rides

Spring time in Pittsburgh is offers the perfect opportunity to take a bike ride around the city. Pittsburgh has come a long way with supporting bike riders by adding trails and bike lanes throughout the city. Also, Bike Pittsburgh is now available. Rent a bike for a couple hours or even for a whole day. With many different pickup and drop-off locations, you can explore different neighborhoods and get in some physical activity while you’re at it! (Visit

5. Yoga

Yoga spots and studios are popping up all around the city. Yoga is great for the mind and the body and is a perfect to add in some variety during training, especially if you are training for a long run such as a marathon. Many different studios offer packages or single classes and provide a great way to expand your fitness horizons.

6. Family workouts

Don’t have much time to work out but want to spend time with your children and family instead? Turn this time into active time and incorporate activity into quality family time. Challenge your kids or family members to different physical activity contests. Children love to play games and run around, so even just taking them to a park and running around with them can be a great workout!

7. Get up and move!

Maybe you are very active but have a sedentary job. Studies show that working out after sitting all day may not be enough to improve your overall health. While at work be aware of how much you are sitting during the day and incorporate small changes to your day to be more active. Try adding in some stretching or quick walks throughout the day to help break up the sedentary time. It’s recommended to get up and move every hour while you are sitting.