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Eat this not that: Easter Edition

Healthy Easter Dinner | UPMC Health Plan

Easter dinner is delicious, but between the ham and cheesy side dishes, calories add up very quickly! Take a look at the differences in these Easter dinner menus to see how the calories compare! Dinner number two has less than HALF the calories as dinner number one, but you still get the same amount of food! This Easter, think about swapping casseroles for fresh veggies, ham for a leaner protein, and cakes for lighter desserts like angel food cake, frozen yogurt, or fresh fruit dishes.

Dinner 1

4 oz. honey-baked ham: 358 calories

Deviled eggs (2 halves): 130 calories

½ cup green bean casserole: 140 calories

1 White Roll: 110 calories

½ cup coleslaw: 210 calories

½ cup of cheesy scalloped potatoes: 280 calories

1 slice of vanilla cake: 320 calories

Totals: 1,548 calories

Dinner 2

4oz. roast turkey: 150 calories

Pickled egg (2 halves): 60 calories

½ cup fresh green beans: 25 calories

1 whole grain roll: 100 calories

Small side salad with dressing: 140 calories

½ cup rosemary roasted potatoes: 100 calories

1 slice of angel food cake with fruit: 150 calories

Total: 725 calories


What are some healthier swaps you could make at your Easter dinner? Share your favorite ideas or recipes below, and make sure to check out the recipes section for some delicious and healthy recipes!