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F.A.C.E. Your Future of Active Aging

HealthyAging-FaceWhen I think about fitness, I like to divide people into four categories.  This gives me an idea of where people are now and how we would like them to progress. Which category describes you?

  • Frail
  • Independent
  • Fit
  • Elite Fitness

Most of us do not live in Frailty, but are Indpendent.  Independent people are capable of doing all their activities of daily living but do not invest any time in mobility.  They ultimately have low health and fitness reserves and the first injury and sickness that comes along really throws them for a loop.

My goal is not for every Independent person to suddenly transform into an Elite Fitness expert, but instead become physically Fit.  This means they invest in their mobility 3-5 times per week and develop a stockpile of health and fitness reserves.

When I teach people to go from Independent to Fit I call it F.A.C.E.-ing your future. F.A.C.E. stand for:

  • F- Flexibility – Stretch every major muscle group for 30 seconds daily.
  • A- Aerobic Exercise – Intense aerobic exercise every other day. “Make it work, then let it rest.”
  • C- “Carry a load” or “resistance training” – Lift your body weight or free weights 3

times per week.  Avoid machines.

  • E- Equilibrium and Balance – After age 20 we begin to lose our balance.  Retrain your balance by standing on one leg while your brush your teeth or wash the dishes every day.

F.A.C.E. sets out to approach mastering age while maximizing performance and fitness.  It’s a multifactorial, smart way to approach fitness that’s easy to learn and remember.