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Healthy-Summer-Vacation-Activities-2014You know the excitement and anticipation that surround an upcoming summer vacation. A week or two off from work or school and freedom from responsibilities at home sounds like a perfect time to relax, unwind, and enjoy yourself. While vacations are meant to be exactly what their name implies – a break from the normal day-to-day schedule – they shouldn’t be a break from staying active.

Often people think it’s impossible to exercise while on vacation. What many people do not realize is how easy it is to fit in exercise and activity without taking time away from your relaxation, your family, or the beach.

At the HOTEL?

  • Ask about fitness centers and use them.
  • Swim laps in the pool or play pool games with your kids.
  • Search the surrounding area for bike and walking trails.
  • Take the stairs, not the elevator. Run the stairs for circuits or high-intensity intervals.

At the BEACH?

  • Bring a Frisbee, football, or soccer ball to play games.
  • Take long walks.
  • Ask the hotel about classes offered (beach aerobics, water aerobics, yoga, etc.).
  • Rollerblade or bike the boardwalk.
  • Boogie board in the ocean.
  • Look for beach volleyball games and join in!

Things to PACK:

  • Resistance bands
  • Small weights
  • Exercise DVDs
  • Clothes and shoes to work out in

Next time you’re planning a vacation, make sure to include fitness in your schedule.! Search for fun activities that the whole family can get involved in!