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Is Halo Top Healthy?

Healthy Halo Top

Halo Top has been around since 2012, but has just recently taken the ice-cream scene by storm, thanks in large part to social media, in addition to the ice cream’s delicious taste and variety of flavors.

Never heard of it? Halo Top bills itself as “Atkins friendly” and from its website says its products are “low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar, we use only the best, all-natural ingredients to craft our ice cream so that it tastes just like regular ice cream.” Wow! No wonder they are the #1 selling pint of ice cream in the U.S.!

But is Halo Top Healthy?


Pros: Low calorie

This sweet treat will definitely satisfy your sugar craving without breaking the calorie bank. For all foods, including ice cream, it is important to know how to read food labels so that you can become more educated about ingredients and calories. Take a look at these two photos between Halo Top Red Velvet and another type of Red Velvet ice cream:

Halo Top Red Velvet

Red Velvet Full-Fat Competitor









The competitor has three times the number of calories, four times the grams of fat, and three times the grams of sugar for the same serving size.


Cons: Not vegan or allergy-friendly

If you’re vegan, this isn’t an option for you because Halo Top uses cream and eggs. Halo top uses the sugar alcohol Erythritol to add sweetness without causing a spike in blood sugar or added calories. However, some people have reported food sensitivities to this ingredient (e.g., upset stomach and diarrhea). Be aware of your body and its reaction to all foods.

The Verdict:

In the end, moderation is key. Despite its lower calorie appeal, Halo Top is still ice cream. Try it out and see if you like it, but do so in moderation. And remember that no processed food beats out natural whole foods. Focus on eating healthy fats, lean proteins, and lots of fruits and veggies to keep you full and satisfied – and enjoy that little pint over a few days!