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Healthy Holiday Habits

Beautiful young business woman holding an apple.

Why wait until New Year’s Day to start improving your habits? Here are some tips to make positive changes even before January 1.

Eat Right

  • Don’t go overboard with holiday meals. Offer to bring a healthy option to parties. Limit your favorite treats to a small portion, and don’t keep tempting leftovers in the house.
  • Watch the calories in alcoholic beverages – they add up quickly. Opt for diet soda or sparkling water to mix with your drinks instead of high-calorie juices or sweetened beverages.

Stay Active

  • Take caroling to the next level – plan out your route ahead of time and see how many miles you can cover.
  • Take your mall shopping seriously. Do a lap of the perimeter between each stop. Trying parking further away and taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

Keep Your Stress in Check

  • Don’t let holiday stress get the best of you! When you feel overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths – it will help you think more clearly.
  • Take advantage of time off work to focus on getting a full eight hours of sleep each night. You’ll feel better and be more productive after a good night’s sleep.

Give the Gift of Good Health

  • Join a local fitness facility or take a fitness class together as a family.
  • Give gifts that encourage good health, like pedometers, fitness equipment, or a certificate for a healthy cooking class or massage.