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Make Friends with Your Scale

Just what role do your scale and regular weighing play in weight loss and long-term maintenance? You’ve heard both sides. The PRO: Studies show that regular weighing (once a day, or once a week) is a key feature of long-term weight maintenance. The CON: A focus on weight can be discouraging and lower self-esteem, and it emphasizes the wrong thing – weight, instead of better health.

Like most areas of health debate, each side is a little bit right. Although tracking your weight while losing and maintaining is one essential component to success, too great a focus on the pounds can sabotage an effort.

So, what is the best advice? Regular weighing is an important part of weight management, but it requires a little bit of an attitude adjustment. Make friends with your bathroom scale, and use it as just ONE reflection of how you’re doing. Other ways are how your clothes fit, the waistband on your skirt, or the notch on your belt.

Remember that NOT gaining weight (stability) is also a positive goal that takes a lot of work – you’re defending that number you see on the scale.

And while the latest studies show that daily weighing is optimal for many people, once a week is also a good plan.