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10 Symptoms to Never Ignore

Our bodies are smart. It knows when we have an infection and fights it off with a fever. It knows when we are run down and overtired and that always seems to be when we get sick with a cold or sore throat. Most of the time, we know these common symptoms and we know what to do. We even know when something is a little more severe than normal, and that we should call our PCP. But what about when something is really wrong and seems very strange? Do you know what those symptoms are? Are you sure?

If you or someone you know experiences the symptoms below, do not ignore them. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. It might end up being nothing serious, but you won’t know that for certain without seeking medical attention. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


1. Chest pain

Extreme discomfort that may radiate down your left arm. Feels like squeezing, pressure, or tightness. May also feel nauseated and actually vomit.

2. Shortness of breath

Breathing is faster and breathier without explanation. Breathing may get worse if you lie flat or when you exert yourself.

3. Sudden loss of vision or speech; see flashes of light

Unable to communicate or unable to see; Noticing bright spots or flashes of light.

4. Severe abdominal pain

Sudden sharp pains or cramps that worsen, don’t go away, or go away and come back.

5. Sudden intense headache

Severe head pain like you never had before. The pain could get worse within seconds or minutes.

6. Unexplained weight loss

In less than six months, losing approximately 5 percent of your body weight without trying.

7. Persistent or high fever

A fever of 103F or higher. A fever that remains around 100F degrees without cause.

8. Unexplained changes in bowel habits or unusual bleeding

Rectal bleeding. Black or tarry stools. Bloody vomit.

9. Confusion or personality changes

Unexplainable changes in personality like aggression, inability to concentrate, or confusion.

10. Swelling in the legs

Buildup of fluid in the legs. The fluid buildup is persistent.