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A perspective on parenting: Save your sanity

I am not an expert in parenting but I can tell you one thing for certain: Parenting is hard! There’s no manual or crystal ball, and the internet will likely lead you down a rabbit hole into a world of other problems. Even after nine months to “prepare,” parenting is something you never feel fully prepared to tackle.

If there is one thing that I could share with others about maintaining sanity as a parent, it’s perspective. How you perceive a situation dictates how you react to it. Perception is stress-management technique I’m very familiar with. It can be used in nearly every situation, both during and after

When my daughter was first born, she cried a lot, and at first I was never sure why. This was frustrating until I thought about her perspective. Of course she cries. She can’t talk, and she spent the past nine months in a perfect utopia! Just as our whole world changed in an instant, so did hers. Once I realized this was just as much of a struggle for her as it was for us, it changed my perception and helped me through the first few months.

We have now hit toddlerhood. Our daughter is now testing her own limits as well as our, making decisions, reading our reactions, and then repeating the exact thing we just said no to!

I have accustomed to taking a moment and thinking about how she is perceiving a situation. It has allowed me stop myself before I become upset. It has helped me keep my sanity. It has also helped me think of ways to help her to express herself, such as sign language. We have been teaching her simple signs , such as eat, milk, help, please, and thank you since she was about six months old. She is able to use these in many situations to get her point across.

The bottom line is, keep trying. You are doing great! When you feel your frustration beginning to build, take a moment and think about your child’s perspective. It may just open the door to creative solutions, putting you both at ease.