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Practicing Self-Love in the Month of Resolutions

The new year can symbolize a fresh start and turning a new page. It can be a time of reflection and setting new goals or intentions, all of which can come with new pressures. Many people feel they need to measure up to a certain expectation of ideal, which can lead to negative feelings and self-doubt. This year, start off fresh and practice self-love on your journey to reaching your personal goals. Here are a few simple strategies to help you along the way.

Have self-compassion

Having self-compassion can lead to a great sense of self-love. Self-compassion is treating yourself with the same kindness, support, and love that you would give to a friend going through a period of growth, a challenge, or a tough time. For example, if you have a lofty goal and miss the mark, remind yourself of the progress you have made. Then, reassure yourself that you will get to your goal in time.

Be mindful

Practice self-love by being present with your mind, body, and surroundings and adding more intention into your day. By doing this, you will focus on what’s good for your heart and what makes you most happy. If you start to experience negative chatter in your mind or feelings of shame or guilt, identify what is causing these feelings. Remind yourself that your self-worth isn’t based on anything unless you allow it to be.

Celebrate YOU

Self-love starts with focusing on the things and people that you love—not what you hate. This is a frame of mind and a way to see the glass “half full” rather than “half empty.” Practice setting this positive intention and strategically celebrating yourself and what makes you unique and special. Remember to repeat this often.

Practice good self-care

Self-love and self-care go hand and hand. You are more likely to reach your goals and feel good about where you are if your basic needs are met. Take care of yourself by nourishing your body through good nutrition, sleep hygiene, physical activity, and other basic wellness routines.

Practice self-kindness and be kind to others

Doing something for yourself is important. It can be as simple as taking a quiet bath, going for a long walk, or reading a book. Doing things for others can be equally as fulfilling. Consider helping a neighbor or friend, paying it forward, or volunteering in your community.

What tips will you try to help give yourself permission to be positive and at peace with your progress and journey? Remember, it all starts with you! Only you can make the changes necessary to start seeing the positive in every day and loving yourself and where you are in your personal goals.