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This is the year you THRIVE!

thriveIt’s resolution time again!  Every January, we think ahead with excitement about all the promise of the New Year.  The beauty of the New Year is that anything can happen.  You have a clean slate to live the life you’ve imagined!

Most of my patients know they want to be healthy, but are surrounded by confusing and contradicting information about their health. What are we to believe?

Living a fabulous life with the best Body/Brain/Bliss doesn’t have to be confusing or out of reach! No matter what stage of life you are in, you can make this year the beginning of your best years. No one wants to just get by or merely survive another day. The reality is, that’s where we can find ourselves if we are not purposeful about how we are living. No matter how great your resolutions are, living healthy, vital, joyful, and THRIVE-ing lives is an active and intentional process!

Over the next 13 weeks I’m going to talk about my four practical steps for THRIVE-ing in 2013. I promise…no lectures! Only stimulating conversations and practical advice for real-life tactics I’ve learned as a surgeon, scientist, sports doc, thinker, businesswoman, athlete, mother and head of a household.

By investing each day in the Guide to Thrive plan, you will:

  • Create A Vision for your future: “What do you really want and where are you going?”
  • Take Action by MOVE-ing through the THRIVE 6-month total body fitness program
  • Take Action by EAT-ing smart and learning simple steps to total body nutrition
  • Learn about the science of the Body/Brain/Bliss connection
  • THINK and FEEL your way to changing your Attitude for a better Brain and more Bliss
  • Become healthy, vital, active, joyful and THRIVE-ing


This is the year you THRIVE!