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Tips to Enjoy the Holidays

The holidays are a joyful time of year! We spend time celebrating and enjoying quality time with family and friends. At every celebration food is often the center of attention, and it’s very easy to overindulge. It’s the one time of year we get to have Aunt Sally’s famous apple pie and Uncle Ted’s deep-fried turkey. Enjoy your favorites this year and every year after. Avoid the guilt and think moderation.

Here are several tips to enjoy the special holiday foods you love most.


Think before you eat!

Ask yourself if a certain food is worth it, or are you eating it because it’s right in front of you?

Scan the food table.

Look at all the food options available. Think about which you want and which you can pass on.

Don’t deprive yourself.

If you want to have all of your holiday favorites, then focus on your portions. Use a smaller serving utensil and take a sample of each food.

Be assertive.

Don’t eat just because you don’t want to upset the cook. Be polite and say, “No, thank you.” You have control over what you choose to eat.

Move away.

Stand or sit far away from the food table. Out of sight, out of mind. You’ll be less tempted to go for seconds.

Be last.

Allow all other guests to take their turn at making a plate. This is another strategy to avoiding seconds.


The change of each season brings on the next round of holidays. Use these tips year-round and take back your holidays. Enjoying yourself doesn’t mean we have to eat everything in sight, but we don’t have to skip over our favorites either. Cheers!


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