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Try a full-body TRX workout

TRX workout | UPMC Health Plan

Wednesday I wrote about my experience with the TRX Suspension Training System. In today’s episode of In the Gym, I’ll walk you through a sample full-body TRX workout.

For these exercises, you can start off by doing 30 seconds of each exercise and going right into the next. Once you get through the entire circuit, you can rest for 60 seconds as recovery. Depending on fitness level, start off with one set and then work your way up to three sets. Make sure that in all of these exercises, you are not allowing any slack on the straps.

  1. TRX squat – 30 seconds
  2. TRX step back lunge – 30 seconds on each leg
  3. TRX chest press – 30 seconds
  4. TRX triceps Press – 30 seconds
  5. TRX mid row – 30 seconds
  6. TRX bicep curls – 30 seconds
  7. TRX assisted sit-up – 30 seconds
  8. TRX plank – 30 seconds

60 seconds rest until the next set.