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Ways to stay active this fall

Summer is officially over, school is back in session, and schedules are busy.

With the change of seasons, the cooler weather and the beautiful scenery, it is the perfect time to rethink and restart your exercise plan! Here are a few tips to keep you moving this fall season:

Take advantage of the weather.

The humidity is finally gone, the temperature is cooler, and the leaves are changing.   Take advantage of this great season and move your exercise outdoors. Walk, bike, or hike in your neighborhood, local park, or on trails and see all the fall foliage. And remember, it doesn’t have to feel like exercise to be a great workout! Raking those falling leaves or walking through a corn maze can get your heart pumping.

Go kayaking or canoeing.

Paddling around a lake or down the river is a great way to get some exercise and try something new. Paddling is a great form of resistance exercise, plus, the beautiful scenes on the water are a great source of stress relief.

Go apple picking or to a pumpkin patch.

Nothing screams fall quite as much as these two activities. Enjoy a 10- or 15-minute walk around the orchard before picking pumpkins or apples.

Go on a hike.

Pittsburgh has some amazing parks and hiking areas. Pack a healthy lunch, lots of water, and hit the trails for a hike to get some exercise.

Take a bike ride.

Along with hiking trails, Pittsburgh has bike trails too! Fall is a great time to bike outdoors. Grab your bikes, or rent some and get those legs moving. Biking is a great form of cardio and helps strengthen leg muscles.

Make your own walking tour.

Play tourist for a day and map out a walking tour of Pittsburgh. Visit some favorite places, and discover some new favorite places along the way. Set a step goal and get moving.

Register for a fall 5k.

Fall is the perfect time to do that race you’ve been thinking about. The weather is more comfortable and you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful leaves during your run.

Make it a habit.

It takes about 30 days for a new routine to become habit. Commit to 30 days of exercise to make it a habit before the holidays sneak up.