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Why organizations should consider their health plan’s member services

Organizations can spend a significant amount of time researching which health plan will give their employees access to the high-quality care they need to stay healthy and productive. While networks and costs are often the primary focus when selecting a health plan, it’s also important to evaluate the strength of the member services team—especially during trying times that challenge an organization and its employees.

A health plan is only as good as the member services that come with it. Without the support of a skilled member services team, you or your HR department may devote considerable resources to answering benefit questions—resources you may need to redirect during difficult times when every second counts.

The benefits a member services team offers employers

Having a member services team readily available gives your employees knowledgeable people they can contact for quick answers to all their benefit questions. An award-winning member services team like UPMC Health Plan’s answers calls quickly and strives to resolve all issues in one session—leaving members highly satisfied.

Efficient calls like these mean that your employees aren’t spending valuable company time trying to figure out their benefits. They can easily get the answers they need without having to ask their manager or an HR team member. This, in turn, can ease your administrative burden, saving time and money.

What a member services team can offer employees

Health insurance is complex and can be difficult for employees to navigate. This is understandable because plans often change from year to year or your medical needs may vary, which can prompt many questions. A knowledgeable member services team is key in quickly answering standard benefit questions like these—along with other complex situations that can arise, such as a global pandemic.

UPMC Health Plan’s award-winning Member Services team is here to assist

Our Member Services team is available to assist members over the phone and via live chat during extended business hours, and they go above and beyond, acting as a health care concierge at UPMC Health Plan. Members can also send a secure email message 24/7 and get a response within 24 business hours.

Award-winning member services make all the difference

Our Member Services team continues to win awards for excellence in customer service—including seven 2020 Stevie Awards, among others. Our high-performing, dedicated Employer Group Services team also earned kudos.

Selecting a health plan with an outstanding member services team allows your employees to get timely answers to their questions without relying on resources in your organization.

For more information about our employer group coverage, contact your producer, visit, or call 1-833-825-2696.