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Zumba 101: Part 2, Getting Started

Last time I talked about what Zumba is, and how it can win you over like it did for me. My instructor made all the difference. But how do you choose a class? I’ll break down some things to look for, and pass on some safety tips to keep you Zumba-ing for years to come!

What to look for in a Zumba class:

  • Licensed instructor. Look on If you can’t find the instructor on this site, their license may be out of date. Also, if a person holds multiple certifications (Zumba, Zumba Step, Zumba Toning, etc.) their profile will show which formats they can teach.
  • Multiple rhythms of music. If the routine is all top 40 hits or all merengue, it is technically not a Zumba class.
  • Excitement and passion. As a Zumba instructor, one of the most frequent compliments I get is on my smile. I smile throughout my class because I truly love what I do! If I am excited and happy, so are my students.
  • Friendly atmosphere. I love getting to know my students. I try to arrive early to talk with everyone. It creates a great atmosphere for the student and instructor. So if you have questions, ask away!

Safety tips:

  • Wear broken-in tennis shoes. You want less traction than new shoes that grip the floor. Worn shoes will allow you to slide more easily on the surface when pivoting and twisting.
  • Don’t try to keep up with the instructor. They should show modifications and build up to the higher intensity moves. As a student, modify when needed and only do the moves you are able to!
  • Bring water with you, and take breaks when needed.

To get an introduction to Zumba and learn more about what to expect at your first class, check out this blog post. (link to part 1)