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5 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress

Are the hustle and bustle of the holidays starting to affect you at work? This time of year can be stressful, but dealing with stress in an unhealthy way can affect your job performance and work relationships.

Below are a few tips to help you combat stress at work:

Practice deep breathing.

As care managers, this is one of our favorite techniques. It is so easy to practice and can truly be used anywhere. You will instantly feel relieved after using this strategy.

Start with three to 10 deep breaths and follow these steps:

  • Place your hand on your stomach.
  • Breathe in and try and push your hand out. (This is likely the opposite of how you normally breathe.)
  • As you exhale, let your stomach and hand relax.
  • Repeat!

Call a care manager to learn more about this technique and how to practice it.

Prioritize and organize.

Checking items off a to-do list can be gratifying. If things are starting to pile up at work, make a list! If necessary, reorganize it so it doesn’t seem so big. Alternatively, you could break it into smaller lists. Five small ones will seem much easier to finish than one big one.

Eat healthy and exercise.

If your stomach feels good, your mind will too … right? That science might be off, but research has shown that eating healthy and exercising can help with your stress levels. Just 30 minutes a day of any exercise you like can help you reduce your stress at work.

Start on a positive note.

Starting your day off right can change your whole outlook. Try five to 10 minutes of guided meditation each morning—it will help you refocus and recharge.

Don’t forget about your commute.

Use your daily commute to and from work to destress. Listen to your favorite music. Play an audiobook. Follow a guided meditation. Whatever you like to listen to, this is an ideal time to listen to it. This technique will also help keep your mind off of any pesky traffic!

Enjoy practicing these techniques and want to learn more? UPMC Health Plan members can call a care manager today at 1-800-807-0751. TTY users should call 711. We can help you access tools and resources to manage your stress, and develop a plan that work will for your needs and schedule.