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Prevention 101

Recently I met a man in his mid-fifties, at one of my presentations. He shared a compelling story with me. He told me that seven months ago, his doctor added a diabetes medication to his existing high blood pressure pills. His doctor said to him, “Well, your blood sugar is 160 – you’re now officially a diabetic.”

“Dr. Mike,” this man said to me, “that was it. I saw my mother lose her sight and her foot to diabetes. I am not going to die my mother’s death.”

By focusing on healthy eating and physical activity, this man lost 48 pounds. His physician literally didn’t recognize him at his next visit! He is off all medications and feeling better than he has in decades.

He did it . . . why not you, a colleague, or a loved one?

Prevention 101 is about the science and the “art,” as well as the stories, of living a long and healthy life. Chronic diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, most cancers, stroke, and others are not inevitable but predominantly a result of how and where we live. Our homes, schools, communities and workplaces help shape the choices we make, which, bit-by-bit, create or diminish our health.

Elementary school kids are becoming hypertensive and diabetic — these are diseases that we used to see only in middle-aged adults. What can we do together to turn this around?

Everyone at any stage of life, age, or medical condition can take simple actions to improve joy and performance – and prevent unnecessary stress, pain, decline, and premature death.

This man’s journey is wonderful. There are many more like it! When you visit my Prevention 101 column, you’ll read more stories like his and learn from me how to prevent diseases, live healthier, and find inspiration.

I encourage you to leave feedback, ask questions, and share your story.