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How to get the most out of your health insurance

Solutions and resources to help you save on health care costs

Is health insurance a priority in your current budget? We hope so. Having health insurance is an important part of your personal and financial health. It gives you access to services aimed at helping you get or stay healthy. It can seem hard to fit health care insurance costs into your budget during times like these when everything seems so expensive. There are health insurance plans that keep needs and financial wellness in mind. You just have to know which carrier offers them.

Is it possible to lower your upfront contributions?

Every time you turn around, it seems like everyday expenses—including health care—are rising. Inflation, innovative treatments, and rising prescription costs are among some of the reasons suspected of contributing to the uptick in what you pay for health insurance. It might seem like you can do nothing to lower your health care insurance costs. With a little comparison shopping that includes looking at new options, you can get a plan that offers access to high-quality care at a low cost. Here are a few tips in mind when shopping for a plan:

  • Select a plan that gives you access to high-quality care when and where you need it. Our offerings give members access to top-ranked doctors and hospitals and nationwide access to care through the Cigna Healthcare PPO Network [1], [2].
  • Look for a plan that includes benefits at no additional cost. UPMC Health Plan Individual and Family products include benefits such as $0 preventive care that covers many preventive services for adults and children at 100 percent [3]. Our plans also include no-cost preventive medications [4].

How to save on health care insurance costs

There are many innovations in health care. The same holds true for health insurance plans. The two share an innovation: telehealth. This secure method of accessing health care lets you have a live video visit with a provider from home. To have a telehealth visit, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera and microphone.

Telehealth gives you easy access to care on your schedule. If you choose a plan centered around it, you could save money on what you pay for health insurance and health care. The use of telehealth increased during the pandemic. There are no signs of this slowing down. People continue to use this service alongside in-person care. According to data shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2021 alone, nearly 40 percent of all adults reported using telehealth in the past 12 months [5]. While the demand for telehealth is there, not all carriers offer a plan focused on it. UPMC Health Plan does.

Save time and money with the UPMC First Care Plan

UPMC Health Plan is the first carrier in the southwestern Pennsylvania region to offer this type of plan—UPMC First Care™ for Individuals and Families. With this plan, members can enjoy:

  • $0 copay for first in-person and virtual primary care and specialist visits.$0 copay for all behavioral health visits.$0 copay for urgent care visits using UPMC AnywhereCare [6].
  • 24/7 access to care through UPMC AnywhereCare and UPMC Children’s AnywhereCare.

Connect with UPMC Health Plan to find the best plan for you

Choosing a health care insurance plan is a big decision, especially when you must factor in costs to stay within your budget. We’re here to make getting the right plan easy for you. Remember that beginning Nov. 1, you can sign up to get health insurance from the UPMC Health Plan Marketplace.

Connect with us now to discuss UPMC First Care™ and your other options. We can even help you see if you qualify for financial savings through Pennie®, Pennsylvania’s health insurance marketplace [7]. You can call 1-877-563-0292 (TTY: 711) to chat with one of our knowledgeable UPMC Health Plan representatives today.

[1] Go to for award information.

[2] Go to for network information.

[3] Preventive care will be covered at 100 percent only when it is received from a participating provider and it is billed as preventive. A separate cost share may apply if additional medical services are received during the same visit or if your preventive care appointment becomes diagnostic in nature.

[4] Tier 5 preventive medications on UPMC Health Plan’s Advantage Choice formulary will be covered with no cost share for members who meet certain criteria in accordance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010.

[5] Telemedicine use among adults: United States, 2021. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Reviewed Oct. 12, 2022. Accessed Aug. 9, 2023.

[6] Members who are in Pennsylvania at the time of a virtual visit may select a UPMC-employed provider, subject to availability and discretion of the provider. Members located outside of Pennsylvania at the time of service will receive care from a provider employed or contracted by Online Care Network II PC (OCN), also known as Amwell Medical Group. It is at the discretion of OCN providers to choose whether to treat patients ages 0 to 2. OCN is not an affiliate of UPMC. Limitations may apply for members of ASO plans that have opted out of coverage. UPMC AnywhereCare virtual visits are not covered services when UPMC for You members, UPMC for Kids members, and UPMC Community HealthChoices participants are traveling outside of Pennsylvania. UPMC Children’s AnywhereCare is not available outside of Pennsylvania. Providers are not available to treat members who are in Puerto Rico. If a member is under the age of 18, the member’s parent or legal guardian must be with the member during the video portion of the visit, and the child and parent or legal guardian must be in Pennsylvania during the visit.

[7] Eligibility for financial assistance is based on annual adjusted gross income. Annual income amounts are determined by the federal government. To determine your eligibility for financial assistance, you must confirm your eligibility on the Pennie website.