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Pokémon Go safety tips

Pokémon Go safety tips | UPMC Health Plan

It seems everyone’s running around and feverishly swiping smartphones trying to catch Pokémon. Pokémon seems to be taking over among young and old alike — but it’s not like most other video games. Pokémon Go requires users to move around in the physical world and catch the creatures in all kinds of places throughout the community. It has players racing into busy streets, secluded cemeteries, and everything in between. The upside of all this chaos is that it’s getting people off the couch, but there are some dangers to playing video games on the move. Here are a few tips to stay safe.

General Safety Tips:

  • Only play Pokémon on foot. Avoid having the app turned on in cars, on bikes, scooters, or even on public transit.
  • Play in the light. Searching for Pokémon in the dark can lead to bumping your head, losing your footing — or even worse, tripping and falling. Always make sure you have enough light while playing.
  • Stop and look up while catching Pokémon. It’s easy to run into objects or oncoming traffic, so stop and actually look up rather than staying glued to the phone screen.
  • Don’t trespass or loiter. Pokémon creatures may end up in a variety of places, but make sure that you are not breaking the law by approaching them. If you are on someone’s property and they ask you to leave, do not try to fight it.
  • Monitor your belongings. If you need to step away from your things to catch your Pokémon, make sure someone else watches them or just take them with you.
  • Stay hydrated in the heat. If you will be out for more than 30 minutes in the heat, make sure that you are well hydrated and carry supplies for long trips.

For parents:

  • Turn GPS tracking on your child’s cell phone for easy locating in the event of a lost child.
  • Beware of enhancement apps that may have access to private information on your child’s cell phone.
  • Join in the fun yourself, or at least have your child play with a group.
  • Be aware of child predators.

Overall the number one thing to remember is that your phone will vibrate when you are near the Pokémon so enjoy your surroundings and play safely. Once the phone vibrates you can stop and search for the creature.