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Top 5 sizzling summer workouts

Summertime: the perfect season to get into a new workout routine — and have fun while doing it! Around every corner is opportunity to get active; we just have to get creative. Here are my favorite summer workouts for you and your family:

1. Swimming

Top 5 sizzling summer workouts |

Swimming is one of the best activities you can do this summer to improve your fitness. The best part? It’s not restricted to summertime. Swimming can provide a low-impact exercise option for those with orthopedic issues, too. It’s a great total body blast that the entire family can enjoy!
Calories burned: up to 500 per hour, depending on speed

2. Hiking

Top 5 sizzling summer workouts |

Hiking is not only adventurous but can be a challenging workout; and a great way to spend the day in a local or national park. Hiking allows you to experience varying terrain, which can be used as interval training throughout your hike. Try power-walking up the hills and resting on the straightaways for added intensity.
Calories burned: up to 400 per hour, depending on terrain

3. Biking

Top 5 sizzling summer workouts |

Biking is a great alternative to running: It puts far less stress on the knees but provides an equally challenging cardiovascular workout. Many cities have bicycle rental stations on their local trails, which allows you to explore all that the city has to offer at affordable rental rates.
Calories burned: up to 500-700 per hour, depending on speed

4. Kayaking

Top 5 sizzling summer workouts |

Kayaking can provide peace and tranquility on the open water as well as a heart-pounding workout. Kayaking targets muscles in your shoulders, upper back, core, and arms or the perfect upper-body strengthening session. Kayaking to an open peaceful location can be a great way to unwind and spend some time meditating. Whether it’s lake, ocean, or white water, you can reap fantastic fitness benefits.
Calories burned: between 300 and 500 per hour, depending on intensity

5. Outdoor boot camp

Top 5 sizzling summer workouts |

Outdoor boot camp classes are popping up outdoors everywhere from churches to parks this summer. Consider in using all that Mother Nature has to offer by attending a total body blast of a class. Most classes incorporate strength, balance, flexibility, and interval training which can provide an effective sculpting session in less time.
Calories burned: between 300 and 600 per hour, depending on intervals and activities included


If you are headed outdoors to enjoy the benefits of summer activity, don’t forget your sunscreen, plenty of water, and sunglasses. Aim to exercise in the coolest parts of the day to avoid heat exhaustion — and always let others know of your activity plans.

How do you plan to get outdoors and feel the burn this summer? Share in the comments below