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A typical day on the Mediterranean diet

You’ve likely heard about the Mediterranean diet by now. In a nutshell: It’s heavy on heart-healthy olive oil, whole grains (like whole-wheat bread and pasta), fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, and legumes; and light on animal proteins and highly processed foods. Year after year, the Mediterranean diet ranks among the healthiest and easiest-to-follow eating plans. This eating plan has been shown to be safe and nutritionally complete. It may help you live longer by decreasing your risk of many “Western diseases” like heart disease and diabetes.

I often get questions about the Mediterranean diet. That’s why I’d like to share “a day in the life” of eating the Mediterranean way.

Breakfast examples

Lunch examples

Dinner examples


  • Wine (5 oz. red or white)
  • Dessert Fresh fruit, a handful of dried dates or one square of dark chocolate


  • Greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit (like berries or nectarines)
  • Handful of roasted almonds, unsalted

Now that sounds like a yum-packed day!

Could you see yourself following a plan like this? Why or why not?