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Kettlebell workout video

Are you looking for a one-stop shop to attack both cardio and strength training? Look no further than the kettlebell. I get lots of questions about kettlebells: what they are, how to use them. The best way to describe a kettlebell is to imagine a cannonball with a handle.

The centuries-old piece of cast iron equipment was developed in the 1700s as a way to build strength and endurance, improve balance and increase flexibility. Kettlebell training can burn up to 20 calories per minute, which can add up to one heck of a workout. And you can do it all in your dorm room. Try the kettlebell workout below, completing them in a circuit for a total body blast!

Kettlebell Swing:

  1. Start with your feel about shoulder width apart. Your toes should be pointed out, your knees slightly bent with the kettlebell between your feet (on the floor). Bend at the hips to grab the kettlebell using two hands and an overhand grip.
  2. Swing the kettlebell by keeping the arch in your low back and extending your hips to swing the weight. The kettlebell should swing by the transfer of momentum in your hips rather than your shoulders doing the work.

Kettlebell Deadlift:

  1. Start with your feel slightly wider than shoulder width apart and toes pointed out.
  2. Squat down to pick up the kettlebell using an overhand grip and keeping your chest up and back straight.
  3. Stand up by driving through your heels while keeping the chest up and head forward. Make sure to squeeze your butt at the top and then return to the starting position by returning the kettlebell to the ground between your feet.

Kettlebell Halo:

  1. Start with your feet hip width apart and the kettlebell in both hands with an overhand grip.
  2. Exhale slowly and raise the kettlebell above your head. Make sure to keep your elbows bent.
  3. Circle the kettlebell around your head keeping the elbows bent and a neutral wrist. Return to starting position after completing a round of repetitions.

Kettlebell Walking Lunge:

  1. Start with both feet together. Hold the kettlebell close to your body at chest height, with an overhand grip on both sides of the top of the kettlebell.
  2. Lunge forward while maintaining your position: keep holding the kettlebell close to your chest with your head up and eyes forward.
  3. Alternate sides by completing one repetition and then moving forward with the opposite leg. .

Always warm up and cool down with some dynamic stretching. Also remember to check with your doctor before starting a new exercise program. If you have any pain, stop the exercise. I recommend starting with a lighter weight and moving up from there. Make sure that you have and keep proper form throughout the exercise.

The Circuit: Set the timer for 20 minutes and complete as many rounds through as you can before the buzzer goes off!

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
5 kettlebell swings 8 kettlebell swings 10 kettlebell swings
5 push-ups 8 push-ups 10 push-ups
5 kettlebell deadlifts 8 kettlebell deadlifts 10 kettlebell deadlifts
5 sit-ups 8 sit-ups 10 sit-ups
5 kettlebell halos 8 kettlebell halos 10 kettlebell halos
5 push-ups 8 push-ups 10 push-ups
5 kettlebell lunges 8 kettlebell lunges 10 kettlebell lunges
5 sit-ups 8 sit-ups 10 sit-ups

The kettlebell is a versatile and effective must-have piece of equipment for any home gym. If you are tired of doing typical free weight routines, stop by a sports store and grab a kettlebell. All you need is a small space and 20 minutes out of your day to see big improvements!