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Peloton Tread review: Pros and cons from a Prescription for Wellness health coach

A Prescription for Wellness health coach’s experience running on the Peloton Tread running machine.

My wife and I already have a Peloton Bike at home—but she insisted on getting the treadmill, too. My argument has always been, we can just run outside or head over to the YMCA. This back-and-forth about the Peloton Tread finally ended in February 2020, when we went to New York City and attended a live Peloton cycling class. The studio had the latest models of the bike, treadmill, and other accessories for visitors to see. Immediately after our class, my wife talked me into jumping on the Tread for a quick run. After running through a laundry list of questions with a staff member, we left the studio having purchased the Tread.

Why choose the Peloton Tread?

As an endurance athlete, running is part of my weekly workout schedule. I’ve spent countless hours training for races on trails, roads, and treadmills. Jumping on the Tread for the first time, I immediately noticed a difference in how my feet landed. It felt softer and smoother than other treadmills I’ve used. The incline and speed controls were easily accessible on both left and right side. The tread uses giant dials to control speed and incline. The dials allowed me to easily adjust my incline or speed with a quick roll and very little interference in my running form. It was a game changer.

The screen on the Tread is a huge 32-inch monster with a soundbar that can bring the studio feel into your home. The screen can be tilted up or down so you can easily see the screen from different angles.
If you are not interested in participating in any classes, you can use the Tread like a normal treadmill and simply run. It has two different options for a basic run. You can choose a “scenic run” to view beautiful landscapes like Mt. Zion National Park. The “just run” option displays your data so you can track progress without any distractions.

As for its build, the Tread offers plenty of convenient storage spaces. It can hold two bottles of water, a snack, your phone, your tablet, or even a laptop (if you’re really trying to multitask). Another design feature I found impressive was “free mode.” It allows you to move the slatted aluminum belt using your own power, which creates another workout variation. Understanding my training needs, my lifestyle, and the capabilities of the Tread made my decision to purchase one easy.

As fitness enthusiasts, my wife and I have enjoyed having the Tread in our home. However, it might not be right for everyone at every level. After a couple months of use, here’s what I’ve found:

Pros and cons of the Peloton Tread


  • Time is no longer a barrier when it comes to running or working out—the treadmill is right in your home!
  • There are no more excuses for not running due to the weather.
  • You can choose from tons of classes with live and on-demand options.
    • It has options for all fitness levels.
    • It has programs for specific goals like strength training or running a marathon.
  • Its unique build offers great features.
    • The 32-inch screen makes you feel like you are in the live classes.
    • The speaker system is amazing.
    • Incline and speed adjustments can be easily changed using the rolling dials close to your arms.
    • Free mode adds another method for training.
  • It allows you to connect with other runners in real time during classes.
    • Class leaderboards can be displayed on the screen for a sense of healthy competition.
    • You can high-five other participants during class.
  • You can save playlists from the classes for your own use—either in another class/workout or for personal workouts.


  • It’s very expensive.
    • The subscription doesn’t come with the purchase of the Tread. You have to keep paying to take classes and participate in programs.
  • Size may be an issue for some people.
    • It’s very big.
    • It’s very heavy—about 450 lbs.—which may make it difficult to move.
    • It must be placed on a solid floor or it will shake the house.
  • We’ve found it to be louder than other treadmills, which may be an issue for anyone living in a home in close proximity to others.
  • The screen can’t be used for anything other than Peloton classes or built-in features.
    • You still have to use a tablet or phone if you want to watch or listen to something else while you run.

Final thoughts: Is it worth it?

We have been more than satisfied with the Peloton Tread. It has surpassed our expectations in terms of functionality, and we’ve spent far more time on it than we thought we would. It was a big investment and we are definitely getting our money’s worth.