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Skiing and snowboarding: A great winter workout


Trying new things for physical activity is one of my favorite things to do. I’ll give any workout or program a try to see whether or not I actually like it. But one of my all-time favorite activities that burns a ton of calories is going to the mountains and snowboarding and skiing. I personally prefer snowboarding to skiing, but both are great options to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and really feel like you got a workout. This can also be a great way to involve the whole family and get everyone excited about being active. Here are some of my biggest reasons for you to try skiing or snowboarding:

It’s a great workout.

Skiing and snowboarding can both be considered a cardiovascular and strength workout. You can burn anywhere from 400 to 600 calories per hour depending on your size and skill level. At the same time, you work many different muscles in your body. Skiing and snowboarding can also help improve balance, agility, and flexibility as well. So by the end of the day, you will have had a complete workout while burning hundreds of calories.


It’s fun and easy to learn.

If you have never skied or snowboarded before, it can be tough to pick which one to try first. Most people tend to pick up skiing more quickly because of the natural movements of the legs, compared to having both feet strapped together on a snowboard. That can feel pretty unnatural at times. It is also easier to maneuver on flat surfaces and get on and off the ski lift while learning to ski compared to learning to snowboard. My recommendation is to start off by renting a pair of skis for half of the day, and then trade them in for a snowboard rental and see which one you feel is better for you. Both have their own unique fun factor.

Don’t forget to dress properly and stay safe! Before heading out to the ski resorts it is recommended to make sure you have the proper attire as it can get pretty cold on a windy day especially on longer lift rides. Bundle up with breathable layers such as Dri-FIT material under your jacket, and be sure that everything is pretty well waterproof — especially if you are just learning! (You might end up lying in the snow more often than not.) Also, invest in a pair of goggles as well as waterproof gloves and a warm knit hat. For more information, check out our winter sports safety post as well as our cold weather safety post.

See you out on the mountain!

What are your favorite memories of skiing or snowboarding?