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Ten Ways Smart Phones Can Help You Improve Your Health and Wellness

16MKT0057 postImage - Ten Ways Smart Phones Can Help You Improve Your Health and Wellness

What would you think if I told you that one of best pieces of equipment for improving your health or saving your life is already in your possession? Are you wondering what it could possible be? How surprised are you to find that it’s actually your smart phone? Yes, the device that you carry practically everywhere can help improve your health, save your life, and reach important goals. Here’s how!

1. Connect with your Doctor

If you are a UPMC Health Plan member, you have access to MyUPMC. The MyUPMC application lets you communicate with your doctor’s office and access your medical records anytime, anywhere, through your smart phone, computer or tablet. With MyUPMC, you can get medical advice, view test results, request an appointment, manage your family’s health, and much more! Download our mobile app at the Apple Store or Google Play.

2. Activity and Fitness Tracking

Most of the newer smart phones are equipped with everything you need to track your daily activity. Options are endless and include your distance traveled, flights of stairs climbed, and estimated calories burned through activity. To get the most accurate information, though, I recommend carrying your phone in your hand or pocket rather than a purse or bag.

3. Family Tracking

Safety is everything, and your smart phone may be equipped to help keep you and your family safe by being able to locate where they are. One great feature is that when a family member is out exercising, bike riding, or out on their own, you can track them and get medical assistance if needed.

4. Sleep Tight

Did you know that some applications on your phone can help track your sleep? Common sleep applications either connect to an external device or have you input data on your own. Regardless, sleep is linked to many health conditions, so getting a grip on how sleep is affecting your health is important. Once you understand your sleep and adjust, you will feel well rested and more alert!

5. Healthy Shopping Assistance

Starting to incorporate healthy choices into your diet can be overwhelming at times. There are plenty of applications that help you plan your meals, make a grocery list, and then get the best prices.

6. Stress Management

We all experience stress at one point or another, and your smart phone has some help for that. Many of applications can sync to your calendar, set reminders, and guide you through stress management techniques like deep breathing, visualization, and meditation.

7. Time Management

Managing your time is critical to reducing stress and helping you feel like you are accomplishing your goals. Many applications can help sync your calendars, set reminders, and even provide tips for staying organized.

8. Manage Your Weight

There are many applications designed to help you set a weight loss goal and then monitor your progress through tracking calories, planning meals, and increasing activity. Many also are social too, so you can help encourage and motivate others.

9. Make Healthy Food Choices

We all know that eating healthy is very important, but it can be hard to know what to eat. Many nutrition applications list calories, healthier options, and even “choose this not that” information. Also, eating on the go can be difficult, and many applications are helpful when trying to pick healthier options at restaurants.

10. Condition Management

Many applications allow you to track your progress in managing your chronic conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Some even allow you to connect or link your blood pressure cuff or glucometer to add to your health record.


To get started head to the application store on your mobile device and type in the area that you are looking to improve. Many suggested applications will come up in the search. From there be sure to read the reviews and make note if they are free or if there is additional cost involved.

What applications do you use on a regular basis to manage your health? Share in the comments below.