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Healthy Food Trends

New trends are always emerging: the “most popular jean style,” “the catchiest genre of music,” “the healthiest type of food.”

When it comes to food, the trends can sometimes cause trouble. How can you navigate through them? Below are some trendy foods that are worth the buzz, along with tips to include them in your diet.



This is an Asian fruit. Before it’s fully ripe, it has the texture of pulled meat. Jackfruit is relatively low in sugar and can be the main ingredient in a plant-based meal. Swapping animal products for plant-based foods can help reduce your saturated fat and cholesterol intake, and you will probably consume fewer calories when making this type of swap. Here’s a delicious jackfruit recipe!



You may have heard of power bowls, poke bowls, and acai bowls. They are a great way to have a balanced meal in a fun, trendy way, and they can be easily assembled at home.

  • Power bowls (sometimes called grain bowls or Buddha bowls) consist of — you guessed it — power foods. You can take any combination of grains, greens, and proteins and combine them in a bowl for a nutritionally dense meal. The key is to be selective about the ingredients, both in restaurants and when making your own power bowls. Choose plant-based or lean animal proteins, whole grains, and lots of veggies. Check out these power bowl recipe ideas.
  • Poke bowls are similar to power bowls, but you build the meal around fresh sushi ingredients. Think grains, fresh raw fish, and any other healthy toppings you may want to add. We found a great salmon and avocado poke bowl recipe.
  • Acai bowls are intended to be eaten for breakfast. They have a thick smoothie as a base and can be customized with toppings like oatmeal, fruit, coconut, or peanut butter. The smoothie is a blend of acai, veggies, and other fruits. Acai is a delicious tropical fruit that contains antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats. The acai bowl is a creative way to satisfy a sweet tooth and get lots of nutritional benefits in one meal. Start your day with an acai bowl and see how good you feel!


Fermented foods

The link between gut health and fermented foods is a hot topic. Research is still emerging, but it seems that foods packed with type of “good bacteria” that live in the gut can have digestive and immunity benefits. Here are some popular foods that may be worth trying:

  • Kombucha is a beverage that is made by fermenting tea with yeast and healthy bacteria. It is available in most grocery stores.
  • Kimchi is a Korean slaw made from fermented cabbage. It tends to be spicy and can be found near Asian ingredients or sauerkraut.
  • Kefir is a fermented milk drink. It resembles drinkable yogurt but is tarter. Kefir is a great source of calcium and probiotics and can be purchased in most grocery stores.
  • Tempeh is a plant-based protein source made from fermented soybeans. This recipe can help you become familiar with this trendy food.
  • Sauerkraut: Who would have thought it could be trendy? This fermented cabbage works perfectly as a probiotic option.
  • Yogurt is far from new. Nevertheless, its live and active cultures make it a great a probiotic-filled food.


Veggie chips

Veggie-based snacks have been around for some time, but companies have taken it up a notch by using only vegetables, oil, and a little salt. Veggie chips are a great option for a healthy snack on the go, and you can make your own with almost any vegetable (think kale, zucchini, or beets).


Avocado oil

This increasingly popular cooking oil is extracted from ripe avocados. It has a hint of avocado flavor, a high smoke point, and a good ratio of healthy to unhealthy fats. With only 7 percent saturated fat, it is a great option as a cooking oil.