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How to eat healthy while traveling for business

How to eat health while traveling for business

When you are traveling for work, it’s important to maintain optimal energy levels so you can achieve your business goals. Rushing between meetings, conference calls, emails, flights, and other duties can trigger unhealthy food choices due to limited decisions. Eating healthy on the road can present challenges, but it definitely is not impossible! Your next work trip can be a professional and health success with these easy tips!

Snack up

Pack a snack box to ensure that you have healthy options while in transit. Try fresh cut fruits and vegetables, string cheese, low-fat yogurt, almonds, whole-grain cereals, pretzels, granola, or protein bars. If you are driving, you can pack a cooler of snacks. Or, if you are flying, try adding a few items to your carry-on.

Drink plenty of fluids

We all know that hunger can be mistaken for thirst, and by the time you are thirsty you are already dehydrated. Aim to keep a water bottle with you all day for easy access and a visual reminder. My secret trick is packing an empty reusable bottle so I am never in a bind.

Choose breakfast wisely

If you are eating a continental breakfast, try to stick with foods that are going to leave you feeling energized rather than bogged down. Look for fruit, hard-boiled eggs, oatmeal, low-fat yogurt, and whole-grain cereals, and toast. Avoid choices like pastries, muffins, bagels, fried meats, pancakes, and fruit juice (unless 100%).

Lunch crunch

Lunch can be tricky when traveling: it may be catered in, or you may have limited choices in the area. Stay away from stuffed meats, crispy options, and fried foods. If possible, add a salad — but go light on dressing. Always try to incorporate a fruit into your meal.

Limit alcohol

When traveling, aim to limit high-calorie alcoholic beverages such as margaritas or cocktails. These are often made with juice or high-sugar soft drinks. Aim to choose a drink on the rocks, with club soda, or a glass of beer or wine instead.

Watch portion sizes

Eating at restaurant can be a challenge because portion sizes are often large. When eating a large meal, skip the appetizer and stick to a nutritious salad loaded with fruits and vegetables. Take leftovers back to the hotel and enjoy for lunch the following day, instead of trying to eat double. Even though you’re away from home, try to follow your typical eating habits as closely as you can. Avoid excuses for overeating like success, mood, and exhaustion. Making smart choices will give you the energy you need to tackle all of your duties on the trip!

What are some of your tricks or tips for eating healthy on a business trip? Share in the comments below!