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Coming Soon to Your Local McDonald’s: Calorie Postings!

You might have heard about calorie postings on fast-food menus in New York City, and elsewhere, and wonder if it will hit our region anytime soon. The answer is a definite YES. McDonald’s is taking a bold step in posting the calorie counts of all menu items, along side the prices. This will be in all restaurant locations across the nation. If you think this will make the signage a little cluttered, you’re right. Although it’s a lot of information to “digest,” it is very helpful to becoming an informed patron.
Opinions vary widely about this new policy. Advocates say it empowers consumers who want easy access to this information. Opponents find it to be a waste of time, especially when no one wants to know this information.
I say it’s a step in the right direction and can only help those who want to be more mindful. Those who are not interested can just ignore it. And that’s just what focus groups have found.
What do you think about calorie postings on menus? I’d love to know!