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My Vision of Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

My Vision of Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth | UPMC Health Plan

After doing extensive research into the all my options, which consumed me for quite a while, I started to narrow down my choices.

I began to consider my feelings about pregnancy, labor, and birth, and I came to several conclusions. I personally feel it is an amazing gift for women to nurture and bring a child into this world. I know that every woman’s vision of pregnancy, labor, and birth are unique. I also realized that women have been dealing with pregnancy, labor, and birthing long before medicine and technology got involved in the process!

My personal feeling is that birth is a natural thing and that I should go about it in a natural way. Don’t get me wrong; there is definitely a time and a place for medical technology. But if I have an uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy, I really wouldn’t need that technology, would I? I decided no — women have this amazing ability — and I can do it!

Here is my labor and delivery vision:

  • I want to look back on this entire experience and appreciate every moment of it.
  • I want to tell my child a very positive story about how he or she came into this world.
  • I know pregnancy and labor are not all sunshine and rainbows, and I’m preparing myself for that.
  • I expect struggles along the way.
  • I know there will be pain involved during labor.
  • I plan to use my strength, my husband’s support, and a warm and peaceful environment to help get me through the pain and struggle of labor.
  • I want prenatal care that is focused on my concerns, my questions, and me.
  • It is important to me be in control of actions and choices that I will need to make throughout my labor and delivery.

Now, to apply the knowledge I gained from reading articles and searching websites. Where will I find the medical and emotional care that meets my vision of pregnancy, labor, and delivery? It’s important for me to find the support I desire. And it’s important for you, too. (more to come here too)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are not in whole or in part the opinions of UPMC Health Plan or its affiliates.