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Sunday Scaries

It’s Sunday around 3 p.m. Work, school, the return to real life are all looming tomorrow morning. You had so many plans for the weekend and now it’s already Sunday afternoon and you’re getting ready to face yet another full week ahead.

Sound familiar? This looming anxiety is more commonly known as the Sunday Scaries, the Sunday Blues, the Fear, the Dread or the Shakes. It’s an all-too-familiar feeling, one that’s been around for ages. We’re going to take a deeper look into this common sensitivity to the end of the weekend.


While the term “Sunday Scaries” isn’t scientific in nature, some of the causes surrounding it are rooted in science. According to a survey done by, 76% of Americans experience this Sunday night anxiety before heading into Monday. This is compared to just 47% of people worldwide (anyone up for a move?).

So what causes this impending anxiousness? Some neuropsychologists and psychoanalysts say that it is caused by anticipation of the week ahead. This isn’t due to stress in the moment, but anticipation of what may put us in fight or flight mode. There is also a physical component to this as well. The adrenal glands sit on top of the kidneys and release adrenaline and cortisol, and when these hormones flood the system it causes a stress reaction that feels like real anxiety—even if the cause of your stress is your own imagination.


While there is no cure for the Sunday Scaries, there are some things to do to help ease your mind:


Getting enough sleep can help you deal with your worries. Making sure you feel fully rested and recharged to take on Sunday and own the day!

Turn off your phone and get off social media

Screen time and social media don’t always help with those anxious feelings. Setting a shut-down time can help you feel present in the moment and allow you to properly enjoy your Sunday. Think about shutting off all screens around 5 p.m. and enjoying some low-tech activities—like walking, reading, or spending time with friends and family.

Wind down

Use Sunday as a chance to do something that you love. Doing things that you genuinely enjoy always helps curb those anxious feelings. Going to a new Farmers Market, meeting friends for coffee or making reservations at a new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Treat yourself to help beat these Sunday Scaries.

Try stress management techniques

Deep breathing, meditation, yoga, essential oils can all help to relive those anxious feelings that Sunday can bring. To learn more about stress management techniques you can call a Health Coach today at 1-800-807-0751.